MJC      Mary Johnson Consulting: Zoo sketches



San Diego Zoo animal sketches:


            Giraffes (one month old baby, 10 month old male, and mom):




Soemmerring’s Gazelles:




Sichuan Takins (5 pictures):







Notes on Grevy’s Zebras:



(for those who can’t read my handwriting, these notes are, top to bottom:

·         Back of ear mottled rather than striped

·         Stripes wash out under chin and on belly, but center dark (roany) belly lines and armpit lines

·         The center back stripe is plush over hips and tail, descends to body height on midline

·         Pales out next to topline at hips

·         Sketchy striping side of tail

·         Fingerprints at knee fronts)



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